The World Health Organization has warned children against using different screens, noting that children under two years of age should not use any of these devices.

The organization explained that children’s use of these devices contributed to raising the rates among them, as well as negatively affecting their brain development and reducing their mental health.

She pointed out that it is necessary for children at this age to do activities that contribute to the development of their mental and cognitive abilities, such as for parents to read some stories to them.

The World Health Organization emphasized the following new recommendations:

  • Children under one year: They should never use electronic devices
  • Children 2-4 years of age: They should not use these devices for more than one hour per day.

The organization stated in the new recommendations published in (Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior and Sleep for Children Under Five Years of Age) that these screens negatively affect the minds of children, especially if they are

A recent Canadian study by the University of Alberta found that two hours or more of electronic device use by children can lead to behavioral problems.

The researchers behind this study noted that children who spent a long time on these screens, developed the following behaviors:

  • Bad behavior with those around
  • Symptoms similar to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • They have low brain capacity.