The changes that occur to the breasts affect women with anxiety and tension, as the breasts go through many changes throughout the monthly menstrual cycle, and in the different stages of women’s life, so its sensitivity increases greatly at certain times, or women feel pain in the breast specifically before the period. (1)

Women often ask about the causes of breast pain before menstruation, and does it indicate pregnancy? We answer the question in this article and know the indications of breast pain 10 days or more before the period.

Breast sensitivity before period

Women feel breast pain a few days before their period, and the pain is usually accompanied by swelling in the breast with increased sensitivity. These previous symptoms often express those that affect most females, but they may indicate a disease as well.

The severity of breast pain before the period due to premenstrual syndrome varies from one woman to another, and the pain may develop into, but usually strong breast pain begins just before the period, to gradually disappear in the days of menstruation or after it. (1)(2)

Causes of breast pain before period

The causes of breast sensitivity and pain before menstruation are due to a number of different reasons, we mention them as follows: (2)(3)(4)

Hormones change

The level of the hormones estrogen and progesterone changes before the cycle, as estrogen decreases, causing enlargement of the breast ducts, and progesterone rises, causing swelling of the milk glands, which results in the appearance of lumps, increased breast sensitivity, and a feeling of pain.

Breast pain before menstruation as a result of hormonal changes is accompanied by water retention in the abdomen and breasts, which increases the feeling of discomfort and heaviness in the breasts. (2)(4)

prolactin hormone

Increased rates contribute to women feeling breast pain before their period, as prolactin is responsible for stimulating the mammary glands to produce milk, causing them to swell, causing pain and bloating, even if the woman did not give birth. (2)


Medicines that contain the hormone progesterone cause swelling and pain in the breasts before menstruation. Examples of these medicines include: (3)

Fibrocystic breast disease

Breast pain before the period is accompanied by the appearance of large lumps that move when pressed or moved. These lumps soon disappear on their own as soon as the menstruation days end. These lumps indicate that these lumps are considered benign, non-cancerous. (2)


Drinking a lot of caffeine leads to feeling breast pain before the period, with a feeling of heaviness and increased sensitivity of the breasts. (3)

An unhealthy lifestyle also contributes to a woman’s feeling of breast pain before her period, as foods rich in fats and chronic stress of the body contribute to an increase in the feeling of pain. (3)

Does breast pain before the cycle indicate pregnancy?

Women always wonder, does breast pain 10 days or 15 days before a period indicate pregnancy? Breast pain before a period is not conclusive evidence of pregnancy, as it is a sign of premenstrual syndrome as well. In fact, the symptoms of breast pain are very similar before the period and before pregnancy. (5)

It is possible to distinguish between breast pain before the period and before pregnancy by the extent of the heaviness and fullness of the breast, as the breast swells a lot in the first days of pregnancy, that is, one or two weeks after the occurrence of pregnancy, as a result of the enlargement of the mammary glands in preparation for the secretion of milk, the breast in the case of pregnancy remains sensitive And heavy with the passage of time, and the pain does not disappear as in the case of the menstrual cycle. (5)

It is recommended to consult a doctor in the event of feeling strong and intolerable pain in the breast before the period, and to constantly examine the breast and monitor any changes that may occur in its shape or secretions.

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