The three-week-old baby survived after undergoing an operation to insert into her chest.

This British girl named (Vanellope Hope Wilkins) was born last November with a very rare health condition that causes her heart to break out of her body.

This child underwent three complex surgeries in order to put her heart back inside her body, and she is now in the recovery stage after she withstood these surgeries.

The girl’s mother stated that she prepared herself for the worst eventuality and did not expect that she would survive, and the doctors were also shocked by the results that the girl achieved in surviving.

The doctor supervising her case indicated that he specializes in heart problems that affect children, however, this child’s case is the second of its kind in 30 years of practicing the profession, and she is the first child to survive surgery in the UK.

The doctor had warned the baby’s mother during pregnancy, that her heart and part of her stomach were growing outside her body, and he was able to detect this by undergoing an examination, however, the parents decided to fight for the baby.

In order to reduce the complications associated with this health condition in, the mother underwent the supervision of four teams of specialized doctors, and then the child was placed in a special bag in order to reduce her heart from any infection and in order to maintain the moisture of the exposed tissues.

Doctors confirmed that the girl was born in good health, and that her heart continued to function normally after birth.

Although this health condition is rare, this child’s injury was originally unusual, as children with this condition are usually born with some complications, but she did not have any of these complications.

The girl then underwent a number of surgeries, which a team of specialized doctors stopped at in order to return her heart to its normal place, and the girl managed to survive and withstand, and the mother hopes that her child will return home with her on Christmas Eve.