why is my phone hanging up calls?

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techwithtech.com › phone-hangs-up-itselfPhone Hanging Up By Itself Why? (11 Reasons) - Tech With Tech techwithtech.com › phone-hangs-up-itself CachedDo You have a Poor Signal? If you are not getting enough of a strong signal on your phone it can drop the call. Many phone companies are addressing this. Do You Have a Damaged SIM Card? If you recently had access to your SIM card or had a technician fix your phone then the SIM card might have gotten damaged. Does Your Phone Need a Reboot? Most of my problems with phones were solved by turning off my phone and turning it back on. This causes most of my problems to go away. Will Updating Apps on Your Phone Fix the Hang-up Problems? If you have apps that work with answering your phone such as a Caller ID app or another such app then chances are that one of those apps needs an update.