why is my instagram crashing?

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techcult.com › fix-instagram-keeps-crashingHow To Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing (2022) - TechCult techcult.com › fix-instagram-keeps-crashing CachedClear Cache Data for Instagram. To fix Instagram from crashing you can clear the cache data. For this method you can follow the steps for clearing the cache data Check for Recent Instagram Updates. There are chances that you are encountering the problem of Crash because you are using an outdated version of Instagram. Try to Reinstall Instagram. Sometimes a simple reinstall can fix the Instagram crashing issue. Here is how you can do it 1. Locate the Instagram app on your smartphone. Leave the Beta Program. Sometimes a user may install a beta version of the application which causes the app to crash. Therefore to fix the Instagram crashing issue you can leave the Beta program by going to your apple app store or the Google play store.