why is my dog panting so much?

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www.petmd.com › dog › behaviorWhy Do Dogs Pant? Is Your Dog Panting Too Much? - PetMD www.petmd.com › dog › behavior CachedHeat. Panting is a normal behavior for happy and active dogs. It helps dogs cool themselves down because they can’t sweat like humans do. Panting allows a dog to rapidly inhale humidify then exhale the air which increases the evaporation of water from your dog’s nose and lungs. Excitement. Dogs also pant when they are excited. Panting is a normal behavioral response when something exciting happens like meeting new people or getting a treat. Stress. Similar to dog panting that’s brought on by excitement dogs also commonly pant and whine when they are stressed. If you see your dog panting take note of their body language. Pain. It is important to know that dog panting can indicate nausea discomfort and pain. Your veterinarian can assess whether your dog is panting because they are in pain by conducting a thorough examination and possibly diagnostic tests.