why is hulu not working?

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www.lifewire.com › fix-hulu-not-working-5096089Hulu Not Working? Heres How to Fix It - Lifewire www.lifewire.com › fix-hulu-not-working-5096089 CachedCheck to see if Hulu is down. If the Hulu website or web player won’t load or the app won’t play videos or fails to load correctly then the Hulu service may be down. Check for Hulu error codes. If you received a Hulu error code when trying to stream check for information about that specific code. You can still use these general troubleshooting tips but you may find more specific information if you have an error code. Fully close the Hulu app. If your device supports it fully close the Hulu app and then open it again. In some cases the only way to do this is to power down the streaming device and unplug it until it resets. Restart your device. Whether you’re trying to stream on a computer phone video game console or another type of device try restarting it. Make sure to perform a complete restart and unplug the device from power if necessary.