why does my toilet keep running?

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www.protechac.com › blog › why-does-my-toilet-keepWhy Does My Toilet Keep Running? - Pro-Tech Air Conditioning ... www.protechac.com › blog › why-does-my-toilet-keep CachedWorn Out Toilet Flapper. One of the most common reasons your toilet keeps running is due to a worn out toilet flapper. The toilet flapper creates a seal between the tank and the bowl of your toilet. The Flapper Chain Needs Adjusting. Another cause of a running toilet related to the flapper is the chain that connects the handle of your toilet to the flapper. The Float Is Too High. Your toilet has a mechanism called a float. The job of the float is to shut off the flow of water once the water level inside your tank reaches a certain height. Handle Is Stuck. One additional reason your toilet keeps running can be due to a stuck toilet handle. Not all handles fit correctly. Overtightening the handle can cause it to get stuck in place when the toilet is flushed.