why does my pee smell?

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www.msn.com › en-us › healthWhy does my pee smell and what can I do about it? - MSN www.msn.com › en-us › health CachedYoure dehydrated. If your urine has turned a dark yellow color and started to smell you could be dehydrated. Mild dehydration usually changes the color of the urine from a pale yellow color similar to champagne to orange honey-type color or even brown explains Maya Mendoza co-founder and creator of PeeSting. Food youre eating. Asparagus is a delicious green vegetable that comes with one very noticeable side effect—it makes your pee smell foul. According to research from the British Medical Journal 40% of the population say they can smell asparagus pee after consuming the veg. You have a UTI. If your pee is cloudy and smelly it hurts or burns when you pee you have a sore vagina or you have pain in your lower abdomen chances are you have a UTI. Youre pregnant. Strong smelling urine is one of the early symptoms of pregnancy (as your hormones change causing urine to become more pungent) so this could be a sign that youre expecting.