why does my instagram keep closing?

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istarapps.com › instagram-keeps-stoppingFIXED Instagram Keeps Stopping (Instagram Crash) - iStarApps istarapps.com › instagram-keeps-stopping CachedRestart your Smartphone or tab if your Instagram keeps closing. The most basic option you should try after noticing an Instagram crash in your device is a restart. Clear the data and Cache of your Instagram app. Sometimes Instagram keeps stopping if the cache is full. In this case you can expect it to work normally by clearing the cache and data of the app. Update Instagram if Instagram keeps stopping or closing. You should ensure that you have installed the latest Instagram version on your device. Older versions of any app (including Instagram) can cause troubles at least on an occasional basis. Reinstall the app if your Instagram keeps closing. Read on if you have yet to overcome the issue even after trying all the options mentioned above. As a different solution now you have to try a reinstallation.