why does my cat bite me?

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www.msn.com › en-us › newsWhy does my cat bite me? 8 common causes and what you ... - MSN www.msn.com › en-us › news CachedCat bites during petting and stroking. A lot of cat owners have experienced an occasion where they are lovingly stroking their furry friend when suddenly out of nowhere their beloved kitty gives them a nip or a bite. Cat bites for love. Another answer to the question why does my cat bite me? Cats show affection by nibbling those they love. They see it as bonding behavior and dont realize that they may be hurting you. Cat bites when grooming. Cats love to groom the ones they love. Although this usually starts out with them using their rough tongues to clean you in a rather delightful way suddenly you may find them giving you a nip or a bite. Cat bites for hunting practice. Cats especially young cats have a need to play to practice and maintain their hunting skills. Cats are innate predators so they need to find an outlet for this behavior.