why do my gums hurt?

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www.healthline.com › health › why-do-my-gums-hurtWhy Do My Gums Hurt? - Healthline www.healthline.com › health › why-do-my-gums-hurt CachedAuthor Scott FrothinghamRough brushing and flossing. Good dental hygiene includes brushing and flossing. However if you’re overly aggressive you can irritate and even damage your gums especially if you’re using a toothbrush with stiff hard bristles. Gum disease. If your gums are red swollen and bleeding there’s a chance that you have gum disease (periodontal disease). Typically this is a result of not flossing and brushing your teeth well or often enough. Canker sores (mouth ulcers) Canker sores — also known as mouth ulcers — are painful noncontagious sores that appear on the gums and elsewhere in the mouth. Tobacco. Smoking tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars can damage your gums. Using smokeless tobacco — such as chewing tobacco or snuff — can cause even more harm.