why do i wake up in the middle of the night?

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restonic.com › blog › why-you-wake-up-middle-of-the11 Reasons Why You Wake in the Middle of the Night - Restonic restonic.com › blog › why-you-wake-up-middle-of-the CachedMiddle of the night bathroom visits. Bill Fish a certified sleep coach with Tuck.com cites a study that says nearly half of Americans wake up at least once every night to use the bathroom. Poor sleep environment. Fish believes that too many of us are concerned about staging our bedrooms to help us fall asleep quickly – but staying asleep all night is equally important. Too much light. Our bodies have been hardwired since the beginning of time to wake with the sun and go to sleep as the sun goes down. If you don’t have to wake right at sunrise some simple blackout shades will help from being woken by the sun each morning. REM offset arousal. “Everyone wakes up at night usually 4-6 times and at the end of a sleep (REM) cycle” explains Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg a clinical psychology and fellow American Academy of Sleep Medicine.