why do i sweat so much?

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www.sweatblock.com › why-do-i-sweat-so-muchWhy do I sweat so much? 7 common causes of excessive sweating -... www.sweatblock.com › why-do-i-sweat-so-much CachedHormones (Menopause Pregnancy Puberty) Hormonal changes and imbalances can wreak havoc on your body and they can also be the reason you’re sweating too much. Food. Several foods cause sweating. Spicy foods caffeine meat salt alcohol and fatty processed foods can all make you sweat. Each food has its own reason for making you sweat. Exercise (and Weight) Sweating a lot during your workout is completely normal. If you’re asking yourself “Why do I sweat so much and so easily when I exercise?” Emotional Distress (Stress Anxiety) There’s a difference between heat-induced sweating and stress sweat. Not only does emotional sweat smell different but it’s also caused by a totally different mechanism.