why do baseball players chew gum?

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www.screwballtimes.com › articles › why-baseballWhy do baseball players chew gum all the time? - Screwball Times www.screwballtimes.com › articles › why-baseball CachedChewing gum is something to do. More than anything gum is something you can do with your mouth and surrounding face while you’re waiting for something to happen. Dirt is a problem. Baseball players who are doing it right wind up wearing dirt. Particularly in local fields in amateur leagues one slide can kick up a cloud of infield dirt and you end up with a mouthful. Gum can help you relieve stress. Baseball can be tense. Whether you’ve had a hard time picking up breaking stuff lately. Or feel the pressure of living up to a multi-million dollar contract. Chewing gum helps you concentrate. A 2015 study from BioMed Research International concludes chewing gum can “enhance attention as well as promoting well-being and work performance.”