why am i sneezing so much?

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homeairquality.org › why-am-i-sneezing-so-much-allWhy Am I Sneezing So Much All Of A Sudden? 8 Possible Reasons homeairquality.org › why-am-i-sneezing-so-much-all CachedPoor indoor air quality. The most common culprit to sudden sneezing is poor indoor air quality. Your home’s indoor air might be a cesspool of dust dirt smoke cooking odors bacteria and viruses. Seasonal allergies. If your home’s indoor air is within healthy levels seasonal allergies might be to blame. We sneeze to remove irritants that get into our noses. Pet dander allergy. Do you get a sneezing fit whenever you’re cuddling with your furry friend? If that’s the case you probably developed a dander allergy. A cold is coming. A sudden fit of sneezing can be the onset of an incoming cold. This is a common occurrence during winter when our immune system weakens due to less sunlight.