why am i losing so many followers on instagram?

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blog.preppr.com › why-am-i-losing-followers-instagramLosing Followers On Instagram? Here Are 8 Possible Reasons Why blog.preppr.com › why-am-i-losing-followers-instagram CachedRemoval of Fake Followers. Fake accounts on social media platforms are a growing trend. And this may sound really attractive… You buy some followers to increase your follower count in the hopes that others will join the herd mentality and also follow you. Too Much of a Promotional Marketing Strategy. No person loves the in-your-face marketing strategies some companies implement to try to boost their sales. Posting a Lot. If you post lots of Instagram posts too frequently then your followers may feel overwhelmed. Like with the over-the-top marketing strategy we spoke of above too many posts in a short span of time seems desperate. Posting Too Little. Just like with posting too frequently posting too little or not posting at all can also result in you losing followers. If there is no new content your followers may think they are following an account that’s been abandoned.