why am i always hungry?

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www.webmd.com › diet › reasons-always-hungryWhy Am I Always Hungry 11 Reasons You’re Hungry All the Time www.webmd.com › diet › reasons-always-hungry CachedDiabetes. Your body turns the sugar in food into fuel called glucose. But when you have diabetes glucose cant reach your cells. Your body pees it out instead and tells you to eat more. Low Blood Sugar. Hypoglycemia is what you have when the glucose in your body drops to very low levels. It’s a common concern for people with diabetes but other health problems can cause it too. Lack of Sleep. Not getting enough rest can affect the hormones in your body that control hunger. People who are sleep-deprived have a bigger appetite and find it harder to feel full. Stress. When youre anxious or tense your body releases a hormone called cortisol. This amps up your feeling of hunger. Many people under stress also crave foods high in sugar fat or both.