why am i always cold?

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www.healthline.com › health › always-coldWhy Am I Always Cold? Causes Treatment and More - Healthline www.healthline.com › health › always-cold CachedAnemia. Anemia is when you don’t have enough healthy red blood cells. This may be because your body doesn’t make enough of them because it destroys them or because you have heavy bleeding. Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid gland doesn’t make enough thyroid hormone for your body to run normally. There’s no cure but it can be well-controlled with medication. Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is when your blood vessels narrow because of plaque buildup. There are several different types but peripheral artery disease — the narrowing of arteries that carry blood to your limbs organs and head — most commonly causes a cold feeling. Raynaud’s disease. Raynaud’s disease is a rare blood vessel disorder that causes your blood vessels — usually in your fingers and toes — to narrow when you get cold or stressed.