who is the richest black man in the world?

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www.theroot.com › the-richest-black-people-in-theThe Richest Black People in the World Ranked www.theroot.com › the-richest-black-people-in-the CachedAuthor Michael HarriotAliko Dangote $14.1 Billion. Africa’s richest man didn’t make it by selling oil shoes television shows or stock. Dangote amassed his wealth by selling cement. Mike Adenuga $5.4 Billion. You know that old joke about how every cabdriver in New York City is either wealthy or a surgeon back in his African homeland? Robert Smith $4.4 Billion. Apparently there’s a black guy in America who’s not a rapper or entertainer who’s worth more than three Jay-Zs two Diddys and a Beyoncé. Oprah Winfrey $2.7 Billion. Despite her OWN network Harpo Productions her return to TV as a 60 Minutes correspondent and her stake in Weight Watchers most of Oprah’s fortune comes from her years as a TV host.