what are the two factors you should consider when choosing which target date fund is best for you??

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money.usnews.com › money › blogs6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Target-Date Fund money.usnews.com › money › blogs CachedActive vs. passive. Target-date funds consist of underlying funds. Those funds can be all index all active or a combination of both. Fees. Vanguard is the lowest fee provider among the major fund families offering target-date funds. Its asset-weighted fee is 0.15 percent which is sharply lower than the 2012 asset-weighted average fee of 0.91 percent for the industry. Size of fund. You may be surprised to learn that four target-date funds closed in 2011 American Independence Columbia Oppenheimer and Goldman Sachs. Glide path. The Morningstar study found little difference among target-date funds when it compared the possibility of running out of money through age 85.