phone in sos only mode?

best answer › what-does-sos-only-mean-on-iphoneWhat Does SOS Only Mean on iPhone and How to Turn it Off › what-does-sos-only-mean-on-iphone CachedAuthor MehvishRestart Your iPhone. Sometimes the SOS icon could show due to a temporary bug. To fix it simply restart your iPhone. For that press and hold the Power button until you see the Power slider. Check Network. One major reason for the SOS icon showing on your iPhone is poor network. So try changing your location. Move to a different room or if possible a different area where you will have a good network signal. Re-insert SIM. Next you must remove the physical SIM card from your iPhone. Then clean it with a soft cloth and put it back in your iPhone. This fix is quite helpful in getting rid of SOS text on iPhones. Turn off Cellular Data. Go to Settings > Cellular Data (or Mobile data). Turn off the toggle next to Cellular data (or Mobile data). Wait for a few sounds and then turn it back on.