how much do firefighters make an hour?

best answer › firefighter-salaryWhat is the average firefighter salary for 2022? (by State) › firefighter-salary CachedHow much do Firefighters Make in Each State? It is hard to make direct comparisons between states because the cost of living and tax rates differ substantially between states. Comparisons to Similar Professions. Do Cops make more than Firefighters? Many people considering firefighting as a career also consider becoming a police officer. What Training do you Need to Become a Firefighter? The minimum requirement to become a firefighter is usually a high school diploma. However getting your foot in the door is very difficult and requires a lot of networking and extra-curriculars. What it’s Like to be a Firefighter. What do Firefighters do on an Average Day on the Job? On an average day a firefighter can expect to do much more than attend call outs to fires.