how many kids does offset have?

best answer › feature › offset-kids-4505134Offset’s Kids How Many Children The Rapper Has Their Ages ... › feature › offset-kids-4505134 CachedJordan Cephus. Offset’s oldest child is his son Jordan 11 who he had with a woman named Justine Watson. Jordan’s mom tried to sue the rapper for $15000 in 2017 claiming that he was a deadbeat dad. Kody Cephus. In 2015 Offset had his second son Kody 6 with a woman named Oriel Jamie. After Offset got engaged to Cardi Oriel wrote a shady message on SnapChat claiming that the rapper hadn’t introduced his son to his then-fiancée. Kalea Marie Cephus. Offset’s first little girl was with another female rapper Shya L’Amour. Offset shared a sweet Instagram post in March to celebrate Kalea’s sixth birthday. Kulture Kiari Cephus. The rapper’s youngest daughter Kulture 3 was with his wife Cardi. Offset clearly adores his daughter and has revealed that he’s nicknamed her “Kk” in some of his Instagram captions.