does carson daly have tattoos?

best answer › carson-daly-tattoosCarson Dalys All 10 Tattoos With Their Significant Meaning › carson-daly-tattoos CachedNYC On The Right Wrist. Daly has a letter NYC inked on his right wrist which shows that he is proud of being a New Yorker. He did this tattoo in the month of September when he was working at MTV in Times Square. 456’ On his Calf. He has a ‘456’ logo inked which is a tribute to his love of music. Fewer people know that before the TV personality he was a DJ. The meaning is that ‘456’ is the logo of a record label which reflects his passion for music. One-Eyed Jack on Right Arm. Carson has one-eyed-jack inked on right arms which are made for his son Jack Daly as the tattoo has many Jack references with his son’s name written at the bottom of it and his date of birth on the top. Tribute To Father on Right Arm. TV host Daly has tattoos of the initials name of his father ‘JD’ on his right inner arm along with a crucifix. His father worked as a Corvette dealer due to which he has designed tattoos after the hood ornament of a 1977 model Corvette.