best cheese for grilled cheese?

best answer › article › best-cheese-for-grilled-cheeseThe Best Cheeses for Your Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - Allrecipes › article › best-cheese-for-grilled-cheese CachedVideo Duration 32 secMedium Cheddar. Ah the grilled cheese standard. Theres a reason for that! Medium cheddar is balanced properly melty and endlessly customizable. Add some hot sauce! Raclette. If youve been on the internet anytime in the past few years youve likely seen the melty cheese being melted over meat bread potatoes. Thats raclette and its both a cheese and a dish. Young Unsmoked Gouda. Gouda melts as well as your standard cheddar but offers a tad more sweetness. No theres no sugar (all the milk sugar known as lactose in milk essentially vanishes in the cheesemaking process) but its unique make process imparts sweeter flavors to the cheese. Organic American Slices. The con of American cheese slices its basically fake cheese only 25 to 30 percent cheese plus filler. The pro of American cheese slices its delicious and the holy grail cheese for grilled cheese.