best boxers of all time?

best answer › entertainment › top-25Top 25 Greatest Boxers of All Time - TheSportster › entertainment › top-25 CachedAuthor TS StaffMuhammad Ali. There has been an attempt recently to re-write the history books and somehow diminish the legacy of Muhammad Ali by some. It seems to have become cool or quirky to claim that Ali is or was overrated. Sugar Ray Robinson. As alluded to earlier it is precisely because of the prowess of Sugar Ray Robinson in the middleweight division that the need for a pound-for-pound system came into being. Joe Louis. Joe Louis is one of the titans of boxing history. He became an American hero particularly among the African-American community for his rise from a poor family of eight kids to international superstar. Henry Armstrong. Henry Armstrong was a world champion in three different weight divisions at a time when there were only eight weight divisions. Even more remarkable than this Armstrong held all three titles at the same time he remains the only man to have ever done this.