american horror story evan peters?

best answer › american-horror-story-evan-petersAmerican Horror Story Every Evan Peters Character Ranked › american-horror-story-evan-peters CachedTate Langdon - Season 1 Murder House. Peters inaugural role as Tate Langdon in season 1 of American Horror Story is what solidified him as an irreplaceable feature in the series ensemble cast. Kai Anderson - Season 7 Cult. Evan Peters is at his best when hes playing a character so manic desperate and deprived that one cant help but feel begrudgingly enamored. Charles Manson - Season 7 Cult. Evan Peters as Charles Manson in season 7 of American Horror Story is every bit as frightening as you might expect. Supremely uncomfortable in a way only Evan Peters can pull off Mansons portrayal in Cult is shockingly lifelike. Andy Warhol - Season 7 Cult. Evan Peters depiction of the 70s art icon Andy Warhol was incredibly convincing. Moreover Peters proved with this role that he doesnt need to play demented and abused characters to captivate audiences.