The death of the Palestinian artist, Reem Al-Banna, was announced after a long epilepsy with an illness.

Her health condition had deteriorated significantly during the past few days, and she was subsequently transferred to the hospital in order to receive appropriate treatment, but her family announced her death today.

She had previously diagnosed the artist, Al-Banna, with a disease, to enter into successive health ailments, during one of which she lost her temporary ability to sing.

Despite her illness and her long struggle with it, she did not lose hope of her recovery.

It is worth noting that the artist Al-Banna was diagnosed with cancer about 9 years ago, to defeat him during these years, and he reappeared again in 2015.

After the announcement of Al-Banna’s death, many artists and friends mourned her and wrote wonderful words about Al-Banna’s fierce resistance to this disease, considering her early departure as a great loss for all.

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