This British woman entered the hospital after suffering a severe headache, to wake up from a coma and find that she had given birth to a girl in excellent health.

This woman did not know that she was pregnant, and indicated that she did not feel any symptoms of pregnancy, but the doctors found that she was suffering from high pressure during this period.

It is a health condition that will affect both the mother and the fetus in the event that she does not receive the necessary medical help and control the pressure levels, but this woman did not know that she was pregnant in the first place.

The woman said she felt a great shock after she woke up from the coma and found herself having given birth.

In turn, the doctors explained that the woman suffers from a medical condition called the double uterus (uterus didelphys), that she has two uteruses instead of one, this means that the pregnancy was in one of them, while the other continued its work as usual, meaning that she did not stop menstruating throughout this period.

Double uterus: what is it?

A double uterus is a rare health condition that involves having two uteruses.

This condition does not affect pregnancy, but the chances of premature birth are greater.

In general, a double uterus does not cause any symptoms and can be detected by a simple examination.

If the issue does not pose any complications, it is undesirable to undergo surgeries or treatments in order to get rid of the second uterus.