Egyptian player Mohamed Salah received a serious injury today in the European Champions Final due to Sergio Ramos in the twenty-ninth minute between his team Liverpool and Real Madrid.

As a result of the injury, Egyptian and Arab fears spread about Mohamed Salah’s inability to participate with his country’s Egypt team in the World Cup.

In turn, the Egyptian Football Association announced that despite Mohamed Salah’s serious injury, he will be able to participate in the World Cup.

As for the injury, Mohamed Salah’s left shoulder was injured in a ligament sprain, according to the Liverpool medical team.

The injury was in the acromioclavicular joint, which includes two main levels, and it can be cured within several weeks, it has not reached a stage that requires a longer period of treatment.

Mohamed Salah left the field in the twenty-ninth minute after his injury, and tears appeared on his face.

And the Egyptian Football Association tweeted on its official account on the social networking site Twitter that it is optimistic about the possibility of Mohamed Salah participating in the World Cup games, which will start in about three weeks.

The medical team estimated that Mohamed Salah needed three weeks to recover from the serious injury he suffered in his left shoulder.

Mohamed Salah underwent an X-ray examination after his injury, and confirmed that the collarbone of the left shoulder had been damaged, but that he would recover after several weeks.

In a related context, the eyes of the Egyptians and the Arab world turn to Mohamed Salah and pray for him to recover so that he can participate with his team in the World Cup.

It is reported that Mohamed Salah has become famous because of his skill in football, and he hopes to be able to take his country’s team to advanced places in the World Cup.