A new study published in the scientific journal () advised pregnant women to sleep on their side, especially during the last three months of pregnancy, in order to prevent the death of the fetus.

Where this study of more than 1,000 women found that the risk of fetal death doubles if a pregnant woman sleeps on her back, especially in the last three months.

The researchers conducting the study emphasized that the sleeping position of the pregnant woman when she goes to sleep is an important factor, but she should not worry about the position when she wakes up.

The researchers pointed out that sleeping on the side is important in all types of sleep, even if the pregnant woman wants to take a small nap during the day.

On the other hand, one of the researchers explained that these results do not mean that the pregnant woman should worry if she finds her sleeping position on her back when she wakes up from sleep, the important thing is the position in which she went to sleep.

The researchers explained that they were not able to reveal the underlying cause of the pregnant woman sleeping on her back and the death of the fetus, but there are some data that indicate that the pregnant woman sleeping on her back increases pressure on the blood vessels, which limits blood flow to the fetus.

Tips for a pregnant woman to sleep on her side

  • Put a pillow behind your back

  • If you wake up during sleep, check your sleeping position

  • If you wake up and find yourself on your back, don’t worry and change your position