A video spread yesterday evening of an Australian mother filming her crying child after he was subjected to continuous bullying by children and his schoolmates.

The mother called on schools and parents to educate their children about this, after her child was subjected to continuous bullying.

In the video, the nine-year-old is shown crying and wishing for death and his heart being removed from his body.

This child has a disorder known as achondroplasia, which is a genetic disorder that includes the failure of the bones of the arms and feet to develop properly due to a defect in the cartilage and bone, which leads to dwarfism.

The mother explained that she wants through the video to reach the whole world the great psychological impact that bullying leaves on children in particular, and explained that her child tried to commit suicide several times.

She stressed that there is an urgent need to educate children about people with special needs, and how to accept them among them.

After the video spread, a number of celebrities asked to meet this child and raise his spirits.

The effect of bullying on children

Children who face bullying suffer from psychological and physical problems, and are also prone to:

  • Injury and stress
  • loneliness and sadness
  • sleep disturbances
  • Eating problems
  • Loss of interest in different activities
  • Health problems
  • Declining academic achievement
  • Get away from school.

In various studies, it was found that children who are bullied may be more aggressive as they get older.