The results of a new study published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation Research revealed that eating one cup of hot chocolate a day can improve your feet with age.

The researchers behind the study noted that those who drank one cup of hot chocolate had about three times better gait compared to those who didn’t.

The researchers added that chocolate should be, due to the increased levels of epicatechin in it, which would help increase blood circulation, especially in the feet area, and thus strengthen their health.

One of the researchers explained that with age, the muscles of the feet do not receive the appropriate amount of blood, which increases the risk of injury to the feet, and affects walking negatively.

In order to come up with these results, the researchers targeted a number of participants over the age of 60, who were followed for about six months.

Participants who drank a cup of cocoa daily were able to walk about 42 meters more than the others, while the placebo group decreased their ability to walk by about 24 meters.