The breast is affected by many changes and pains at different periods of the menstrual cycle, or the stages of a woman’s life. Some of these pains are related to the hormonal change that occurs to the woman due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, or the approaching period, which are usual things and do not cause concern, but, you may feel The woman has pain in the left breast only, not on the right side, so what is the explanation for that?

In this article, we discuss the causes of left breast pain, and we know whether it is related to the breast or to other body systems.

Left breast pain

The left side of the body contains a large number of important and vital organs, so we find the heart, the left lung, the pancreas, the stomach, the spleen, the left kidney, and of course the left breast, so women are concerned when they feel pain in the left breast and arm, as this may indicate pathological conditions Mild or serious, requiring treatment. (1)

The cause of left breast pain can be due to problems with the breast itself or to disorders related to other organs on the left side. It is not always the location of the pain that is the cause of the problem. It is not easy to determine this without going to the doctor. (2)

Causes of pain in the left breast

There are many causes that can result in pain in the left breast. The possibilities may include catching an infection, changing hormonal levels, lung or heart problems, digestive disorders, or breast-related health conditions. We mention below the most important causes of left breast pain: (2)

Heart and chest problems

There are cases related to heart and chest disorders that may cause pain in the left breast, and they are as follows: (1)(4)

  1. The woman suspects that she has a heart attack when there is pain in the left breast along with the shoulder and arm, accompanied by symptoms such as shortness of breath, or a feeling of pressure on the chest, with nausea and vomiting. It is recommended to go to a cardiologist to seek advice and receive appropriate treatment when experiencing the previous symptoms, as a heart attack is a dangerous health condition that should not be ignored. (1)
  2. Pericarditis: The pericardium surrounds the heart, which is multi-layered and filled with fluid, and works to protect the heart. The pericardium may catch infection or be attacked by the body’s immunity, causing pain in the left breast. (4)
  3. A person suffers from angina when the heart does not receive enough oxygen coming with the blood through the coronary artery. Angina is characterized by a concentration of pain below the left breast or in the middle of the chest. (3)
  4. Costochondritis.
  5. Volcanic hunting syndrome.
  6. Pleurisy.

Digestive disorders

Digestive disorders cause left breast pain, as in the following cases: (3)

Breast causes

There are many factors related to the breast itself, which cause pain in the left breast when pressed, including the following: (2)

  • Injuries: An injury to the breast can cause pain, which lasts until recovery is complete. The injury may leave a scar in the breast that remains painful for a long time.
  • Breast surgery: All types of breast surgeries cause pain, which may disappear for periods and then return. Breast pain resulting from surgery comes in the form of a burning sensation in the nipples, muscle spasms in the shoulder, neck, back, and breast, in addition to tingling in the arm and armpit. Which indicates nerve pain. (2)
  • Hormones: The change in the level of hormones, up and down, results in a feeling of tingling and breast pain.
  • Breast lumps: It is normal for lumps to appear, causing pain in the left breast at the time of the menstrual cycle, but it is recommended to consult a doctor if they appear in times other than menstruation.
  • The milk ducts can become infected and develop into several types of infections, such as the following: (2)
    • An abscess under the nipple or under the dark areola, causing redness of the breast with severe pain.
    • Blockage of the milk ducts and the formation of solid lumps in the breast, and the breast may swell and swell.
    • Ductal ectasia is a type of infection that causes breast pain and redness with a thick discharge.
    • Breast cysts and fibroadenomas.
    • Left breast cancer.

Thus, we find that the causes of pain in the left breast are very different and varied. It is recommended not to neglect the doctor’s visit, especially if the left breast pain is accompanied by chest tightness, strange secretions from the nipple, or strong and unbearable pain.

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