This 26-year-old American woman felt irritation and pain in her left eye, as if there was a hair stuck inside it.

This pain and irritation in the woman’s eye continued for several days, and she noticed after one week that there was a worm in her eye and was getting rid of it.

According to the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, this case is the first of its kind, as a specific type of worm was found in her eye, which had previously been found in cows.

The woman went to a local doctor, who removed two worms from her eye, and the next day, she consulted an ophthalmologist, who found three more worms in her eye.

The competent authorities indicated that a total of 14 worms were removed from the left of this woman within 20 days.

They could not remove these worms at once, because they were not visible to the naked eye.

It is worth noting that the length of these worms did not exceed 1 centimeter.

Doctors used tweezers to remove the worms, and they also used an eyewash technique.

These worms, called Thelazia gulusa, cause eye irritation, but most of the time they do not lead to permanent damage, but rather crawl under the eyelid in an attempt to feed on the tears of the eye.

Doctors confirmed that this case is very rare, and is the first to be recorded during the past twenty years.

It is suspected that the woman had contracted it as a result of riding horses in a certain area of ​​the United States of America, as she was not able during that time to repel a fly that landed on her eye, to transfer these worms to her.